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Getting Envolved

Social Impact

At Envolve, we are continuously developing better ways to serve our residents and owners, with particular focus on five key areas that serve to lift up and sustain communities: Community Engagement, Education & Training, Health & Wellness, Character & Leadership, and Environmental Stewardship. Depending on the need, our Community Managers independently manage programs that fall under these categories.

In collaboration with Community Managers, nonprofit partners, and faith-based organizations, and in alignment with Fannie Mae, Operation HOPE, and HUD sustainable housing guidelines and initiatives, we are proud to offer some or all of the following services at our properties.

At Envolve, we believe that an engaged community is a healthy community, and we designed our resident services accordingly. Our resident service programs are driven internally and in conjunction with public and private organizations whose mission aligns with our residents' goals.

  • Afterschool Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Seasonal Parties
  • Movie Nights
  • Community Gardens
  • Bible Study

Our commitment to improving our residents' quality of life includes efforts to ensure access to, and raise awareness of, the role nutrition plays in a healthy, active, empowered community. We've partnered with organizations such as the American Heart Association, food banks, community partners, and school systems to raise awareness around preventative healthcare, overall wellness, and to ensure that programs like the children's nutritional programs operate over the summer months. We actively facilitate health screening, nutrition and awareness programs in our resident communities.

Envolve is dedicated to developing relationships with academic partners that provide research-based educational information and direct technical assistance to improve the quality of life for limited resource citizens.

  • Health and Nutrition Education
  • Lunch Programs
  • Food Bank Partnerships
  • Health Screenings

At Envolve, we are committed to empowering our residents to achieve greater financial and educational security with resident financial literacy programs that teach residents how to better manage money, improve credit, and avoid predatory lenders. Along with help from our generous community partners, we also run programs to increase employment opportunities such as job readiness programs, HiSET (GED) programs, and dress for success.

As with our other social innovation efforts, we endeavor to build strong communities with long-term residents who see Envolve properties as home.

  • Adult Literacy / High School Equivalency Programs
  • Financial Management
  • Job Readiness
  • Substance Abuse Recovery

We know that access to after-school and youth mentoring programs can be difficult for residents who do not always have the time, transportation, or means to participate in these programs. That's why Envolve works hand in hand with the following organizations to host and support them on property:

  • Boys & Girls Club of America
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • NASA STEM Resources
  • National Parks Service Youth Programs
  • USDA & 4-H

Our focus on environmental stewardship efforts range from working with utility providers with the latest energy efficiency technologies to working with architects and planners who utilize sustainable practices for properties being developed and managed. In newer properties, we only install electrical infrastructures that anticipate the coming transition to the use of electric vehicles and adopt newer, more efficient energy sources such as solar power.

  • Sustainable Building Practices
  • Energy Efficient Initiatives
  • Infrastructure for Solar Power and Electric Vehicles